1. You are licenced to play on this website. You are responsible for all liabilities related to your account.
  2. You will not reverse engineer or otherwise tamper with the CODE in order to defraud or disable others, or to disrupt the normal functioning of the website. If you discover any bugs or errors, you will report them and refrain from triggering them.
  3. During intercourse with other players, you will not engage in gangstalking, spamming, or maliciously degenerative behaviour.

By accessing, using, modifying, storing, or exchanging any part of this software and data (CODE), you agree to enter into this binding legal contract:


  1. I am a human adult of sound mind and good intent.
  2. The CODE is spelled ideas. As with all thoughts, it can be shared with, but not owned by, another entity.
  3. Value and profits derived from the CODE must result in the author of the CODE being justly recompensed.
  4. I will only use the CODE to do what is honourable and just, to eradicate misery and suffering.


  1. The author of the CODE is its sole owner. Before I reuse or modify the CODE I must gain permission from its owner.
  2. Permission must be gained from the owner regarding ways the CODE is attributed, and commercially exploited.
  3. I am prepared for my data and service to be lost, as I use the CODE at my own risk.
  4. The CODE may be judged only within natural Common Law courts decided by a jury of peers.
  5. Accompanying library archives must only be accessed for reports and studies.
  6. I do not act as a person, a member of the public, nor as an agent or citizen of any organization or state.


In order to use, store or legally address objects, property or persons connected with the CODE you must proclaim alignment with these holy religious beliefs:

  1. Rights take precedence over wrongs.
  2. Ideas can be shared but not transferred.
  3. Co-operation takes precedence over competition.
  4. Everyone has the right to voice their thoughts.
  5. Quality of life takes precedence over production of life.
  6. Achievement should be rewarded, and corruption should be punished.
  7. Citizenship is optional, and the internet is extranational.

All rights reserved.